Mill Levy amounts by county for 1993 and 2005:

Information for each county in the state is listed below alphabetically by county name:

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How to read the mill levy charts:
The charts list the mill levy by school district. There are Rural School Districts such as “Peerless (R)2”; and “city” school districts such as “Peerless (C)." The different mills are:
• County Mills: include all the mills levied by county government and other services such as fire protection, public safety, etc.
• City Mills: only figure into the total mills of city school districts.
• Education Mills: includes the statewide education levy of 95 mills (which has not changed from 1993 to 2005), and local school mills (which have changed).
• Total Mills: the sum of County, City (if applicable) and Education mills The top row in each school district shows the mills levied in 1993 and the bottom row shows what they were in 2005.
The RECAP chart compares:
The 1993 Total Mills (first column) with the 2005 Total Mills (second column), shows the Increase in mills between 1993 and 2005 (third column), and the Percent Increase in mills (fourth column).
All data are compiled from information listed by the Montana Taxpayers Association by Public Service Commissioner Greg Jergeson.